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November 18, 2008



I'm a little scared, but I'm going to try brining this year.

Stephen J. Xanthos

So does the turkey have to be fully immersed in the solution? Should it be remixed/shifted/anything during its happy little bath?


It's best to keep your turkey as immersed as possible. If a tip is sticking out it's not the end of the world. I usually flip it 1/2 way into the brining process, but I don't think that is required.

Stephen J. Xanthos

Hmm...okie dokie. I'm goin' for it.

You may get a panicked email sometime during the afternoon of the 27th. ;-)


Happy Birthday, BTW. I always remember yours, cuz it's mine, too!


Hey BH! I am in charge of the turkey at my family gathering this year and I am going to take the brining plunge. Even though the fam thinks its a lil crazy. Two questions - one, do you have to boil the water with the salt and sugar first so that they dissolve? And two- if I make a bigger turkey (cause any family dinner with my fam is atleast 25 people) should I just increase the ingredients proportionally? Thanks!



You shouldn't have to double it. I usually get the biggest bird in the store too because it isn't that much more money and I love leftovers.

It should be enough brine, but if not just mix up a little extra and pour it in it doesn't have to be an exact science.


I brine in a big portable beach cooler full of brine turkey and bags of ice. You have to leave the ice in the bag so it doesn't water down the brine. It saves a lot of room in the fridge.


It worked great. Best turkey ever. Thanks 4 the tips.

Bob Boyle

My family loved how juicy and tender the bird was. After brining the turkey for about 18 hours, I injected butter and then cooked it in a cooking bag. I'll cook two more turkeys this holiday season the same way. Thanks.


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