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November 10, 2005


allison Truong

where can i get it for less than 1.00 each??


Oh man! I can't get enough of Hi-Chew! It's seriously addictive stuff, and the flavors are fun (yogurt!)


The first time I tried these I was in Chinatown in some Korean store, and the guy working just gave me a free pack. They were SO delicious, I looked everywhere for them. I found some in some Chinatown stores and always buy them =]. They're the best candy, not comparable to starbursts and mentos, etc. Plus you can never get sick of them! I love mango and green apple. My family buys about 6 at a time and we just share them. <3

- sara,


I love Hi-Chew. So flavorful, and just completely yummy!

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