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July 16, 2006



Eddie Murphy night, Oh no!


I think for that many meatballs you need more sauce. I usually double the sauce for two pounds of meat. And I'd put some dried basil or oregano in the sauce too.

Wayne Doering

I watched Ina Garten on the Food Network today [08/11/06] and this recipe was used. it looked so good that I intend to use it very soon.


I made Ina's original recipe (very close to this one) adding a bit of green & red peppers to the sauce that our family demands. I agree about making more sauce. I cooked it down and with all the meatballs, I thought more sauce would have been great - especially for hot subs another day. I also like to add just a bit of sugar after tasting to most of my tomato sauces and did just that. I think the Chianti is just the right touch for this recipe - definitely rounds it out.

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