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August 17, 2006



OMG, this look Dee-li-ci-ousssssss!
my sis is a cooking freak, esp when she finds a recipe that has cheese or chicken- any high-fat\calorie recipe to be exact, lol.
i want these rite now and it's all ur fault!!


I think I love you... and this chicken


Stop - anything with cheese like that - you're liable to make my bf leave me for you!


Did you ever try powdered mustard in place of the prepared mustard. I like penzeys mustard powder, the concentration is higher so experiment with flavors when you use the powder instead of the prepared. For coating chcken you really do not to susbstitute a wet ingredient for the liquid content that the dry does not have. It is tangy and not vinegar like, which is what I think Popmuse may be iffy about. Try it.


Hey thanks for the recipe, I love to cook and this looks great! Does anyone know anything about Chef Andre? Saw him on and I like his recipes. Want to know more? Keep cooking


I think your blog is going to kill me or save me.


Where are you? Did you forget about us?


oh where oh where has our bloghungry handsome thang you!


I just read over at Popmuse's site (Popmuse is Bloghungry's boif) that our guy has 'abandoned his blog'. WAAAAAAAAH!!

Say it ain't so! For the love of Carrie Fisher, say it ain't so!


The chicken tasted great. Mine didn't come out looking as good as yours however.

I knew I should of - but I didn't pound it to get it thinner.

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