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August 02, 2006



That looks deluscious.


I agree with Nilblog...and the food looks pretty good too...Heeyyy!

hungry in taipei

hi! New to your blog. I have been drooling over this and a lot of archives. I am going to try some of your recipes when I have time, they seem relatively easy to do.


and I have been drooliing over the Chef for quite some time (sorry PopMuse)...why is his face always red though?

Don't get me wrong, I think your dishes always looked delish, but this one made me gag! All that grease!


your steaks are overcooked.


Popmuse likes all of his meat overcooked. That and his hatred for red onion and cilantro are destined to send us to couples counseling someday.


Technically, I believe that would be "Steak Frites with Garlic Butter." "Frit" in French translates to deep-fried. "Frites," means french fries. And steak with french fries and french fries and garlic butter would just be redundant. Bon appetit.


Hey, is it possible to have too many fries (aka: les frites)?


That looks sooooo good!

Jason in Columbus

Add that on top of some salad and you'll have a mean Pittsburgh Steak salad.


Your recipe was such a help! I seen something on the foodnetwork of a chef in Vegas preparing sliced sirloin, fries, and garlic butter. He threw the orgasmic concoction into a chinese take out container and called it Steak Free? Maybe it was Steak Fritte. Anyway I have been searching for the recipe and chef and had no luck. Luckily you have made it simpler than he did. I never liked frying at home but I should have known O. oil and an oven is the way to go. Thanks.

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