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September 28, 2006



wooo that sounds great. I'm making this biatch.


It gives me the shivers and bad memories of Jello poke cakes. But it was her birthday. She gets to pick.


that sounds pretty damn tasty. you should try it with the pineapple juice poured over it. the best cake ever is tres leches which involves poking holes in the cake and pouring a mixture of 3 milks (hence the name!) over the cake. it is so freakin moist and delicious.


I don't really like tres leches cake. It's messy, soggy, and surprisingly devoid of flavor. It's just not for me.


This was a super moist, delicious cake I've been craving ever since I polished it off, but I think bloghungry made a wise decision avoiding the poked holes and juices. In a sheet cake, I think that could work, but stacked, it might have collapsed or not felt as fluffy.

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