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October 24, 2006


Aaron Carter

A terrifying triumph! A most macabre masterpiece! A grandly ghoulish gastronomic gag goody! (I love Halloweeny adjectives)


wow! those are very scary looking!!! pretty smart to use the almond sliver as a fingernail!!


Those misshapen 'fingernails' made my skin crawl (they look so real and, being misshapen, painful). They are truly a cookie to honor the season. ;}


If you smash two of those together with some cream filling would you have a knuckle sandwich?


what is banking powder?
does it make it taste rich?


i dont think I would eat that.


I made these for my class of second and third grade students a few years ago. They loved them. Although a few students wouldn't eat the cookies because they looked so real.


The fingernails are the worst, i.e. the best, part...



u could paint the finger nail with red food coloring and the nuckles 2

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