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October 02, 2006


Martha Stewart

#1... It's a good thing

George Michael

#1 Because when I'm slumped over asleep in my range rover I need two things, cupcakes and cappuccino.

Nicole Ritchie

#1 I haven't eaten in 2 years but if I were too, it would be something with mini chocolate chips.

Dustin Diamond

I'd eat #1, I ate enough molten chocolate in my porn video.


#1 cause It's just not a birthday cupcake without icing yall ;)

Tim Gunn

Cappuccino Cupcake Challenge... Bloghungry MAKE IT WORK! #1


whatever britney said. I'm too stoned to care.

Whitney Houston

Anglaise, molton what??? Those are Cupcakes with out icing? Awww HELL TO THE NO! My vote is #1, and my name is NOT Susan!

Justin Timberlake

CappucinnoCHIP/ButterCREAM/SOUNDSlovey. Bloghungry, bring sexyBACK... #1

Mary Kate

Have you noticed that the only accessory I won't leave the house without is my Starbucks? Umm hello, my vote is for fashion... #1

Perez Hilton

Whatever Mary Kate said. Are you kidding! #1

Carrie Fisher

let's end the strife in this home... give him his damn Cappuccino Chip Cupcakes and get back to petting me!!!

Ugly Betty

do the math... #1

Dorothy Zbornak


Janet Jackson

Maybe if I vote for #1 PopMuse will end this fued.

Mr. T

I pity the fool who doesnt vote for #1


#1 sounds Fergalicious!

Balki Bartokomous

Of course #1, don be reedeeculous


There's gonna be troublllllllllllle...... if you don't make #1

Nick Carter

Worried about what the molten lava will do to my complexion - I vote #1

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