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October 06, 2006



Grilled cheese and pumpkin soup! I think I love you.


It's definitely the beginning of soup season here in the midwest. I still fix your chicken soup recipe that you posted last winter some time.

I'm going to be all over this pumpkin soup recipe, probably this week. And man, once you start making your own soup from scratch, nothing else measures up, does it?


Dang, you can cook. I have been lurking your blog for a while and I love your recipes so it is time to tell you so. Thanks for sharing.


did you hear there is a pumpkin shortage in america? thanksgiving wont be the same without p'kin pie.


Jesus man. I just found your blog and it is freaking hilarious!! LOVE the photos!! =)

BTW.. wtf is floating around in the middle of the soup there?? o_O

mmm.... pumpkin soup... I make something very similar except mine is with curry powder ;-)


Is it a brain?


No, it's not a brain. It's some kind of crazy pumpkin bread that Popmuse found at a local shop. I toasted it and tossed it in the soup, because I love dipping toasted bread in my soup.

Thanks You for posting thePumkin Soup recipe. I just cut up the huge pumkin I had out for Halloween and now am going to make this. Nothing compares to homemade soup.

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