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I'm a 30-something dad trying to bridge the gap between Ina Garten and Roseanne. I live in Florida with my husband, daughter, and Kitchenaid mixer.

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November 10, 2006



Dude, part of why I read your blog is the fact that you are just so dang hot! You are one incredibly handsome man. That being said, I cook alot as well (even went to cooking school) and thoroughly enjoy what you do with your blog!
Finally...where can one read a profile of yours? I'm just curious about you as a person in addition to the daring food guy persona you have on here. How you got into cooking, your general likes/dislikes, etc...?


Wow BigT.. That's one way to get me to post a profile. Personally I've always thought profiles were best left for teenagers and internet daters, but how can I resist my legions of fans? I just added an "ABOUT" section under my links on the left sidebar.


Yay more cute pics :)


Looking good BH. Is this your way to get free cookbooks from complete strangers?


Josh.. Just look at it as a cookbook reviewing service for you the readers. I graciously recieve a cookbook as a birthday gift from you the readers and in turn test recipes and post on the best ones. Everyone wins.


Shocked that you are a scorpio. happy birthday.

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