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I'm a 30-something dad trying to bridge the gap between Ina Garten and Roseanne. I live in Florida with my husband, daughter, and Kitchenaid mixer.

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November 13, 2006



Thanks for created the "about" section! It's great to see a little more about you!!


Thanks for the gravy tips! I think I'm going to try and make my own this year instead of the canned stuff.


Looking good.


Brines are the shit


Hi Bloghungry, this is a reader from Reykjavik, Iceland. For the first time this Christmas I was in charge of all the cooking, and I used your recipes for the turkey dinner. It was a total hit! Everybody loved it. So easy to make and so delicious. I decided to cover the turkey with bacon strips though,I think the turkeys we get here are scrawnier than in the States.
Thanks so much Bloghungry! Love your blog!

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