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November 09, 2006



Perfect?! That's a bold statement from Bloghungry.

Scott Mindeaux

I found Sprinkles last year when I was searching for a unique birthday cake idea. A few other LA-based food blogs lead me to Sprinkles. I agree, they were moist and full of flavor. The Red Velvet cupcakes were my favorite. I live in the OC and now they opened up a 2nd shop in Newport Beach!!



Looks yummy and so many flavors! I see one will soon locate in Dallas, TX - will it be worth the 5 hour drive for me to go?


They're pretty great, but I'm not sure I'd drive 5 hours just for a cupcake. Try to couple the trip with a shopping expedition or concert. Then buy a big box of cupcakes and savor them over the next 2-3 days.


I experienced the joys of Sprinkles cupcakes last year when I was visiting L.A. I wish they shipped to the Midwest--I'd order a boatload of them! But alas, they do not, and I have to admire the cupcakes from afar. **sniff sniff**

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