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February 20, 2007



I would love to attend one of your parties!


I can say with confidence that I am more excited about this food than actually watching the Oscars or any of the best picture nominees (except The Departed - go Marty!).

Aaron Carter

I think this year's drinking game that we end up not doing should be simple: every time something about the broadcast elicits a groan or sarcastic remark, everyone has to do a shot. Ellen DeGeneres's inevitable dance episode may put one of us in the hospital.


Thanks for the quality knock-offs. I'm going to take these to the alley behind the Kodak and sell them to the tourists.


This is genius. The Oscars are nothing without designer knock-offs.


My, what a big pot you have!


What time? Should we wear a tux? Will the limo be able to drop us off at your door? Can I get my cheeseburger w/o relish?

I'm hungry now.

Rachael Ray


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