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June 04, 2007


didn't someone discover the "yogurt" is actually powdered mix?

TOTALLY overpriced and overhyped.

didn't someone discover the "yogurt" is actually powdered mix?

TOTALLY overpriced and overhyped.


I'd try an over priced and over hyped frozen desert at least once. But I wouldn't hesitate to go back to my local DQ either. In fact, I think I'll talk the bf into a small coffee soft serve dipped in chocolate. Mmmmm!


I absolutely love pink berry! MY boyfriends gota job there and thank god im getting a job there soon!! I recommend pinkberry anytime!!

Yogurt Fanatic

Hi to all you other Yogurt fans out there. I must confess that I am a yogurt freak myself. I know everyone out there is so in love with Pinkberry but I just DON'T understand why the hell that is.
1. PINKBERRY basically tastes like frozen sugar water. YUCK! It seems like they don't care about taste and all they care about is making a good ol' buck.
I went to this new yogurt shop called Frucci located near MT SAC & CAL POLY POMONA. (Check out their website under News for their addresses).
FRUCCI on the other hand really considers taste and ingredients (its rich and you can tell that it has so much less sugar than pinkberry). They really seem to care about people's health and WELL-BEING.
2. FRUCCI is also CHEAPER than pinkberry. Pinkberry even charges a dollar extra for their green tea (what a rip!!) whereas frucci charges all yogurt flavors equally. You guys need to try the Pina Colada (their most popular flavor).
3. Frucci's workers give GREAT SERVICE.
Some of Pinkberry's workers are the worst (very rude and impolite). From my own personal experience i went into the koreatown Pinkberry and asked for three toppings (the blackberry, raspberry, and mochi). I asked, "can i have the mochi?" The female worker harshly and impolitely replied, "It's ricecake." I couldn't really understand at first so I was wondering why she was giving me a horrible face and so I said, "Yea so can i have the mochi please." She then again repeated, "It's ricecake" while rolling her eyes. I was pretty DAMN offended.
My friend also said she went into a Pinkberry and one of the customers politely asked, "can i have some more yogurt please?" The worker sarcastically said, "oh yea you want some more?" She THREW the medium cup of yogurt on the measuring scale (since pinkberry measures by the ounce) and the scale measured 8 ounces. Since medium is 8 ounces, the worker just handed the cup of yogurt to the female customer without saying a word. My friend said that she could see that customer's face turning pink. Pretty sad.
Pinkberry fans you can hate me all you want, but to all you yogurt fans out there I RECOMMEND FRUCCI.


Wow~ actually i remeber going there a long ago. I remember their price was cheaper , and give you alot of yogurt and free samples. The taste at FRUCCI is alot richer and sour than pinkberry these days. pinkberry yogurt taste only like frozen sugar water. I would always go to FRUCCI YOGURT, but they're located kind of far away from my town. Are you guys opening any near OC???


Hey, i cant download the pinkberry song HELP ME!!!!


21 choices is better.

dude my friends work in a yogurt place.. and all it is.. is yogurt powder, water, and milk.. and they make million out of us.. >.< yet i still buy them unbelievable..

also did you know PinkBerry stole the taste from Vietnamese ppl's yogurt..? I've eaten it almost all my life then one day i came in pinkberry im like... "Dude.. this is what my mom makes.."

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