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June 14, 2007



Sure, today it may be trendy to serve rented fake cake but, mark my words, tiered jello molds are the next wave for budget nuptials. Fruit cocktail, of course, is extra.


I used to work at Walt Disney World. They actually do this there for wedding receptions at their hotels. They have these huge elaborate cakes, and from what I understand the cake itself is inedible, with the exception of the bottom tier for "show". After the first piece is cut, they cart the thing off back stage and feed everyone sheet cake for thousands of dollars. Theyve been doing it for years.


Sounds like pure Staten Island to me.

That being said, when I got to tour Martha Stewart's HQ a few years back, she had an entire room FILLED with fake cake tiers covered with frosting. Apparently that's what they photograph for the magazines and whatnot. It was the first time I'd really though about it and it made sense.

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