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August 25, 2007



These sound tasty!


I mix feta cheese, diced sundried tomatoes (either oil-packed or reconstituted), fresh oregano & basil, a cooled combo of toasted pine nuts, sauteed garlic & white onion & cayenne & black pepper. This mix goes into phyllo shells (either store-bought or... layer 5 sheets of phyllo with brushes of olive oil, then cut and bake in mini-muffin sheets at 375 until browned). It's a fun blend of flavors to play with - and the bite-sized treats always seem to please. I'm on a low-'bad fat' diet so I use olive oil to sautee the garlic and fat-free feta for the cheese. I know the recipe is vague (I cook - I'm not a chef), but it's maybe 2 cloves of garlic, a diced disc-slice of onion, 12+ dehydrated sundried tomatoes (if you use oil-packed then cut way back on oil elsewhere), 1/4 cup pine nuts, 2 stems of oregano, 2 stems of basil, and enough cheese so that you don't have to add salt. I throw in the black pepper and cayenne while the garlic/onion sautees, to taste... this will make enough for about 15-20 shells or so.


OMG you are young child.
Get me my botox stet!


Groan ... I will have just celebrated my *40th* birthday. Thanks for the reminder.


Hey! That's MY birthday! But that's okay... I was 17 on the day you were born (and that was a very good year!)


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