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September 07, 2007



WOW, all I can say is WOW! :)

Kim do you REALLY feel?

Lol! :o)


I could not agree with you MORE!!! UGH he's a disgrace!

oh and that the words of rachel ray (sorry can't stand) YUMMERS!


LOL I agree. Love the decorating but after paying his price, I expect cake! Silly me.

RJ March

Uhm, fuck cake-- I'll have what you're having (or grabbin');)


i's about time someone said it. How did that show get so popular? There's so little food in it.


The food is slowly being taken out of the Food Network. Recipes are to the Food Network what music videos were to Mtv in the 90's. In 5-10 years all that will be left are travel shows and reality competitions.


Maybe he should swap the fondant for crepe paper and start making pinatas instead.

Just a suggestion....


what's that you're holding? snack food? bitch, get over yourself.


I'd like some snack food.


Ace of cakes is terrible. Those cake decorating challenges are lame too. What about demoing recipes or techniqes for creating cakes?




Nice pic! Mmm.. :)

meghan woeppel

Oh no.
For the first time, I must say I disagree. I think he's pretty good.
I do agree that the majority should be edible & not styrofoam but I think he's fun & kitchy, not to mention, I think he's a cutie patootie.
Oh well, like my grandpop used to say about each his own.
I still love your blog & just think you are darn right too cute!


I would have to say i disagree..ive watched his show religiously for the past year or so..and I love are right that sometimes he just puts fondant on styrofoam...but as long as the end result comes out looking amazing who cares..his cakes really arent for eating anyway..they are for display


I'm with you BH. Why make a cake that's not for eating. Charm City is tired.

Cake or nothing

I love when he uses rice crispy squares instead of cake. That is cheating. You would never see Colette Peters do that. He is a social retard too. Oh no one can come by my bakery while we are icing the rice crispy squares, what a total asshole that guy is.


what a nice hand :)

booboo bunny

Sweet Jesus, he's just making some cakes in the shapes that people are asking for. Looks to me like its kind of hard to form cake into all those shapes. You all are truly a bunch of "haters". Are you REALLY b#%@*ing over cake?! Get over it. As for the original poster of this thread, "My boyfriend makes me watch it"...haha If that is worthy of all this ranting, you got more things to worry about than a TV show.

Did you even WATCH the episode? He wasn't trying to make that flamingo a cake, it was a sculpture. SCULPTURE.

I can understand if you don't like the other cakes, but at least don't use the ONE episode that isn't about cakes as your example.

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