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October 29, 2007



That's amazing! I didn't know they made premade wonto wrappers.


Where did you find the won ton wrappers?


I found my won ton wrappers at my local grocery store. They are in the refrigerated section and are usually near the veggie dogs.


Crushed unsalted toasted cashews are really good, too! The in-laws are coming for Thanksgiving and I've been thinking of making these for awhile... I think you inspired me. I'm more of a fancy-food guy but my boyfriend and his family lean towards traditional... I think these will fall somewhere in between... I hope :)


another filling that would work really well with this is toasted butternut squash (maybe eliminate the egg).


I wasn't sure about using Won Ton wrappers for ravioli, but reading about how you were iffy about them, but they came out good, made me go ahead and try it. When I think about it, it will make a wonderful light meal. Thanks for this recipe!

Jo Anne

Where does the butter come in, with the filling recipe?


Thanks for posting this recipe I definitely want to try it but because I am a lover of parmesean cheese I will probably add it to the cream sauce as well. Love you.

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