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January 03, 2008



Chocoholics are pretty terrible, but I think chocolate is justly rated


You are right. People really lose their minds for chocolate. What's the big deal?


You've really gotten down to the essence of the issue, bloghungry. Chocoholics are people who think they can get away with secretly not eating by claiming to LOOOOOOVE what they've heard is the most decadent, forbidden food. I don't trust 'em.


I am a proud Chocoholic

Angela Daniels

Hear hear! I couldn't agree more. In my opinion, chocolate is an ingredient. I like butter too but I wouldn't eat sticks of it at a time (well, maybe once but I was very young). Love the blog. Why can't I find some witty, gay man to cook for me and be my friend here in stay-at-home suburbia? It's so sad.

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