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January 18, 2008



The day I received my beauty was one of the happiest days of my life. Congrats on the new arrival!


Mmmm...mixer porn. Don't you love it?

I lusted for a KitchenAid for years before I got mine. I adore it.




Ugh-- I am SO VERY jealous. Happy mixing, I guess...


aren't they just the best? now i HIGHLY recommend getting an additional bowl and maybe even another whisk so you don't have to wash in the middle of recipes....
(believe me, I've had mine since the 80's, the things you learn over time...)


You are going to LOVE it - many congrats on your new arrival!! You two look very happy together! I do HIGHLY recommend getting this paddle attachment -

Worth the price and does an amazing job of keepting the bowl clean and not in need of scraping down. Just beware that it does tend to "throw" ingredients when you start the mixer if you aren't careful.



you are now ready to explore a whole new retail category of accessories. these babies have a whole line of add-on products devoted to them. I think, one even does flower arrangements and origami.


I can TOTALLY relate to your happiness over getting the mixer for Christmas - I got the same one (in white, too) and ADORE it!


If I never use mine for anything besides grinding chuck for the BEST RARE BURGERS EVAH it would be worth the counter space it gobbles! But who am I kidding, it never has a chance to cool off fully.


Nice. Remember two precious words: dough hook. Brioche! Babka!
Don't make cookies in it, it overbeats the dough. Mine is matte black.


Congratulations! I bought one for my boyfriend for his birthday (carry the one) 13 years ago. Always practical and cool... he cried. I can't say I've topped that gift, but we still have it on the counter and use it a ton. I got the shredder/slicer attachment thing for it (for me, of course) and it's very handy, especially for shredding cheeses. The pasta extruder attachment was awwwwful (it did meat grinding, too, but we don't eat meat) - that got regifted. The pasta roller attachment, from what I hear, breaks easily. When I make fresh pasta I use the dough hook and a separate Atlas-branded roller - my sister-in-law still talks about how great that pasta is. One of the funniest things I saw as a kid was Julia Child making a cake with one - she was a little tipsy and turned it on full-speed with nothing but dry ingredients in it. Behind a cloud of flour she cooly exclaimed "oooh, must not forget the wet ingredients!" Anyway, enjoy your mixer - they're awesome!


You can definitely make cookies in it. The machine does not beat the dough too much...people running the machine do that. Do get the dough hook, as suggested. Don't get the ice cream attachment - it's not the best in the world.

And if you need any suggestions or help, look no further.


if in the event of a natural disaster at my home the kitchen aid is amoung the top 3 things I would grabe before running to safety. enjoy!


Shes a beaut! Nothing like a KA. Mine is named Chuck, and he is green. He is the best. Never lets me down. I second getting another bowl, and scraper if you use it a lot. So much easier than washing all the time.

Scott C

Congratulations! I bought myself a cobalt blue one for 'Happy Tax Refund Day' this year. I LOVE mine!

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