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March 24, 2008



Don't hate! They got fried fish!!


My dad calls them "Gut Busters" GA. is the capital of buffets like that. When we go down to visit the family we have to hit one after church and we usually wind up waiting for a table because we normally number twenty people and need a couple of baby seats. Of course everyone comments as to why I am eating salad as they pack away 10 lbs. of bacon. I am not good enough at math to ever calculate the total combined weight of everyone at the table and their health problems.
The food where we go is so bad I could cry. It's like no one has ever heard of garlic or they think it is a condiment used by catholic heathens or terrorists and you will go to hell if you eat it. Oh, and of course no one touches alcahol because Jesus drank new wine and it wasn't fermented yet.

Scott C

At the local mall here in South Portland, ME we have 'The Old Country Buffet' (or 'Old Count. Buf.' as other friends call it) I thought your photo of the bacon was appropriate for one of these places because my partner once told me they wheeled a guy out on a stretcher who was earlier enjoying a large plate of bacon. Mmmmm!

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