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April 17, 2008



Strong words.


I'm ready to agree with you. The others have splashes of pizazz that I like in theory, but Burger King would be where I would pull in just about every time if guilt and shame didn't exist. They got their hooks into me by having hands-down the best drive-thru breakfast (CROISSANWICH and TATER TOTS!), and now I've decided they're the best across the board.


A love affair with fast food...ahhh, my people :)

First I'll agree with Michelle... the Croissanwich and tater tots... OH my god... If I could spell that sound that Homer Simpson makes when he thinks of donuts I would.

I have an idea for you BH, how about a fantasy team? (like the sports teams) Mine would be Whopper with Cheese (BK) McDonald's fries, and a Frosty from Wendy's. (although Wendy's fries are pretty rockin' too.

I am a child of the 80's too and worked at BK when they tried to "change" their fries. Before then I'd have agreed with you but now they've got a consistency that's... sorry, repulsive.

Have you tried Apple Pan in LA? :)


I'll take burger king's burger, and wendy's fries. Yum!


That photo simply creeps me out. (And it's the King that does it ... not you.)

I love In & Out's off the menu grilled cheese.


Carl's Jr? Ick.

I notice no mention of Jack in the Box (double ick!)

I agree w/Duane on the King thing. That ad campaign is enough to keep me from going there.


When a girl is PMS'ing and grease is the only calming agent for cramps on 'roids, BK is the only fix, the only drug, the only elixor!

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