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May 01, 2008



AMEN SISTER FRIEND! You go to tell it on the top of that Sierra Mountain!~ If they were smart, they'd market DIET Sierra Mist stronger than the sugary substitute. There's never a non-caffeine diet soda alternative at the movies or most fountain stations. However, their soul-less attempt will not go unvanquished.

Glad you're back BH!


For the font alone, I say NO to Sierra Mist. Completely agree with you assessment of the target audience for it.

HOWEVER, I do know what happened to 7-Up. Orlando Jones. Became spokesman in 2000 according to wikipedia and is that not the last time you saw the drink offered far and wide? The better question is what happened to Orlando Jones.

Also, Michael Ian Black is the spokesman for Sierra Mist and after seeing "Pleasure of Your Company" with Jason Biggs, which Black directed, Sierra Mist may be out of your life any day now.


On the FONT alone? LOL, that's funny!it is rather word perfect isn't it?


i wish i had one of those vintage Un-Cola lights (the 7-up can with the flicker lightning bulb).

meanwhile, have you tried the new Canada Dry Green Tea Ginger Ale?
wondering if it might mix well with Absolut Pepper Vodka?

Dandy Darkly

I so prefer Ginger Ale to everything else. Ginger anything to be certain.

Gingerbread vs other cookies. Ginger Spice vs. Scary. Gingervitis vs. regular old tooth decay.


You are right! 7UP is still very classically cool. I always though Sierra Mist was something rednecks brought with them to Nascar races for their kids to drink while they downed Busch Beer.
It is and always will be just a "wannabe" in the storied halls of soft drink popular culture.

Sophie A.

I'm a ginger ale fan too :), but i do prefer sierra mist to 7up...i only drink 7up when i'm sick :D


In all honesty, the red dot reminds me of the packaging on Maxi pads.

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