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April 10, 2008



That's a little dark for a margarine commercial.


True, but margarine could use a little more of an edge. Fake butter is hardly exciting or sexy. Besides, the ending is more heartwarming and margarine-like. Lover done wrong reconnects like a butter fan coming back to the taste of butter without the heartache of saturated fat.


Hilarious! Love the muffins with frosting too. You so need to enter Cupcake Hero one month!

Tempered Woman

Not much of a margarine fan. My heart is true and can only belong to my first love, butter.
Don't tell anyone, but Pictures is my karaoke song...
Thanks for joining the Cupcake Hero fun~ the frosting sounds divine!


LOVE the color!!!! How about a sprig of mint?


Love the flavors and colors of your frostings!


LOL I LOVE it!!!!!!


I'm sold! This is a great project for margarine to get involved with!

Roxy Reynolds

Looks very nice.

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