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April 13, 2008



Bless you for your cereal driven research. I still have to say, Lucky Charms is where its at for me. Its my go-to cereal. They even became better IMO when my 3 year old started calling them "hockey charms". Oh yeah.


Oh, so not fair. We have all of the crappiest US franchises ranging from food to clothes to hardware stores in Canada now, but the one elusive item all of us want, we will forever be denied for some unknown and frustrating reason: Apple Jacks!!!!

Where do you stand on Alpha-Bits?


Oh, and the boy, bless his prophetic heart, bought a lifetime supply of that cinnamon toast cereal at Costco just three nights ago, so I'm set! :-)


Thank you for your highly scientific, nicely structured cereal study. You will be remembered forever in the annals of gastronomy.


As best I remember, Alpha-Bits is a bunch of letter-shaped oat based cereal pieces not unlike the Lucky Charms without the marshmallows. It's fun to spell things with, but really needs to bring more to the table to hope to win a cereal tournament.


True enough, but they make an awesome cereal or snack bar, better than Rice Krispies IMO. And they also make a fabulous and addictive dry mix when paired up with plain popcorn and orange Craisins which is the basis for my snack bars. Just add butter and mashmellows over heat and you're good to to. Try it before you dismiss it, people! :-)


LOVE the cereal brackets! Finally something uber important in MY life is making the betting pool. I have to say, Cocoa Puffs and PB Capn.. not good, BUT, put in COCOA KRISPIES and that makes the difference.

Hey BH, just got back from visiting boyfriend in LA and he took me to Apple Pan.. been there?


I actually prefer Cocoa Pebbles to Cocoa Krispies. They're more chocolaty and have a better texture. Alas, neither made it to the final list of nominees.

I have been to Apple Pan. It's alright. I like that it has a history and is rustic and greasy, but I give the food a C.


OH CTC, how I love thee. There used to be a cereal that was by the same people, with a similar taste, but with less mess (they literally were like tiny cookies), but they sadly stopped making it. I could exist on that cereal alone, and I can't even remember what it is called anymore!

Anyway... I love that you did this all "final four" style. Great fun!


Nothing will ever beat berry berry kix!

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