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September 30, 2008



Alexis is a cold bitch

Oatmeal Cookie Guy

Leave it to Martha to find another way to leverage her content...and probably introduce herself to a whole new audience. Pure genius.

hrh king friday xiii

Will that fit?


That sounds amazing. I would hate Martha too if she was my mom, but since she's not, I have to say that I love her! But what I love even more is hearing all the dark things about her "perfect" life.


Right after I read this post, I saw an advertisement for the show when I was flipping channels. I promptly added it to my Tivo schedule. The fact that it's sandwiched between two episodes of Martha Stewart was almost more than I could handle. Fabulous.

Scott C.

Alexis's friend, Jennifer Koppelman Hutt, is a complete ditz. She's like shool on Sunday.... 'no class.' ;}

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