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October 22, 2008



I didn't know you did wedding cakes!


very chic


I've said it once, I'll say it again: You're BRILLIANT!


#1 Hotel room ovens are much better for baking cupcakes than making cheese sticks.

#2 I left my box of cupcakes in my hotel room and it broke my heart :(



AMAZING!!! You are amazing. Team Cupcake was a wedding phenomenon and I love all the other awesome Nashville pics. Esp the one of the cupcake sandwich :)

I sent my box of cupcakes home with Claes' mom and she was very excited, needless to say.

Meg and Jane


I don't know who the couple is, but they're extremely attractive people!


I love this... and was desperate also to find out about where the heck they got the CUPCAKE STAND??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? I would love to purchase one. Please HELP!! signed: Frustrated Bride.


Sorry Rebecca... I made this one with the help of some metal working friends. A good cupcake stand is hard to find. Consider renting one or finding a way to make your own.

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