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November 12, 2008



Done. I can get my margaritas somewhere else.


Human rights are better than burritos anyway..


I just read the whole thing on the link. That is a crazy story! I feel like it should be a made for t.v. movie and Judith Light should be signed on. WOW.


This is great! It's important to gays to take a stand. This is a black and white issue. We are talking about my family and my rights. People should have consequences for their decisions. We sure as hell do!


I had no idea.


this'll be easy since I was already boycotting their vile food.


The president of WKS Restaurant Group, Roland Spongberg, also gave $6000 to Yes on 8. WKS owns El Pollo Loco, Denny's, and Corner Bakery Cafe.


You know how you can taste the love in food sweet grannies make? I can taste the hate in El Coyote and El Pollo Loco. I'm glad to finally have the answer to why their food and their atmosphere has never worked for me.

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