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November 10, 2008


Ray Ray

This is great comfort food for me! I used to make these for myself when I was a kid/teenager. It was a good way to make sure I didn't break the yolk! Thanks for the idea, think I'll have one or two today...and the bacon bits is a nice touch I never thought of.


A very tasty recipe, and it's so damn quick!


Made it and loved it.


I couldn't respond to this right away, because I've been thinking about it night and day, trying to figure out what can be done with the frame of the plain bread that does not have egg in it. I am thinking perhaps an herb butter or pesto over the whole thing, and then covering the bread with tomatoes and cheese to melt right before it is done? There is a fine line between kicked up egg in the hole and "why don't you just make yourself a breakfast sandwich", and I can't quite pinpoint it.

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