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I'm a 30-something dad trying to bridge the gap between Ina Garten and Roseanne. I live in Florida with my husband, daughter, and Kitchenaid mixer.

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February 25, 2009



Wow.. good luck. Thi pic is very TMZ


What a great goal. I know you can do it!!!


live your best life, bitch!


You'll do great!! Hope you will start posting some delcious diet concious recipes that you are making.....


You can do it!!! I always need a goal too, so I think baby's birth is a great one. Claes and I started cutting out carbs at dinner time (but still eating healthy carbs for breaky/lunch) and that really helped us. Good luck!!!!


As Bebe Zahara Benet says on Drag Race, "M.A.C. is doing it. I am doing it. You can do this."

jordan van damme

i googled "hungry for blog" because my friend and i are stoned and watching Iron Chef.

i found your blog. when i read the first post, i thought oh my god what a horribly moronic woman. who would try to lose 40 pounds while pregnant?

but as the title of your blog states, you are a guy... so, Kudos to you. and good luck.

signing out here.

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