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March 29, 2009



oh no no no, it's not a fad! Granted you really gotta eat Judy's version at the restaurant to understand why it's so insanely good. And the bread salad throws something so plain over the top. I've tried the same thing at home and I can't really ever get it close to Zuni's. But it's literally been one of my favorite dishes for the past 15 years and not a time goes by when I'm back in SF that I don't get it. Damn I want it right now. It really is worth getting excited about.


I tried the home version too. Not impressed. Maybe we should go to San Fran and see what they're all talking about.


Yeah, they _do_ do this really well at the restaurant. And you honestly don't think that a good roast chicken with its drippings is one of the greatest things ever...?

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WOW! This looks like such a wonderfully yummy dish. I would try this out at home this weekend itself. Thanks for the recipe and the instructions.

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