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April 11, 2009



There has been a shift in programming.


I was 100% with you up until Rachel Ray. That woman annoys the hell out of me and frankly I've seen her make some disgusting dishes that leave you wondering just what the hell she was smoking.

I think you also overlooked Alton Brown, who is one of the few remaining reasons I tune in to Food Network nowadays. Also, Guy Fieri wasn't tooo bad but they just kept increasing the cheese factor until I couldn't stand him anymore. Robert Irvine is quality, but they haven't been showing Dinner Impossible as much. Also, I love Giada DeLaurentis ... even though she's a skinnybitch. Her recipes are authentic and look delicious and make me slightly angry at her for never gaining any weight!.. but she's so darn cute :) I'd take her over Rachel Ray any day!



I'm a big fan of Alton Brown. Guy and Robert are okay.

I used to love Giada, but I turned a corner with her about a year ago and don't trust her anymore. She's a crazy bitch. Don't let her fool you. She's made some good eats but keep her at arms length.

I understand everyone disliking "the Rach" but I stand by my girl.


There are more chefs you're forgeting.


I was focusing mainly on the new people, but now that you mention it..

Tyler Florence is cute and his Ultimates show is pretty genius.

Bobby Flay comes off as a complete jerk/douche. I don't like his man-grill show but I like to see him lose on Throwdown.

Mario Batali comes off as an even bigger jerk/douche. I can't even watch his show. I also think his restaurant Mozza is highly overrated and partially blame him for the darkside of Giada.

Sandra Lee isn't even worth talking about..

Ellie Krieger is not to be trusted.

Ingrid Hoffmann on Simply Delicioso seems to make mediocre Americanized Mexican food, but I love that she can freeze and unfreeze time on her show.

Emeril seems like a nice guy and makes solid food if you can get passed the "bam"ness of his shtick.

Marc Summers is good on unwrapped.

Al Roker is fine but feels out of place on the food network.


Being a self taught caterer and restauranteur for the past 23 years, I feel your pain. The Food Network, of late, has lost its essence. The only show I watch with regularity is Barefoot Contessa, but it does seem rehashed lately.


Amen. I want Martha back in a best of Martha Stewart Living Television; even if it's early mornings or late; I need substance and stability. I learned how to cook, bake, and plant a garden with Ms. Martha. Preach on...



Guy Fieri Rocks! His personality is as alive as his food. In a word he is a hip cook that loves food, people and his family. The one man & one talent that is "What you see is what you get" on and off the TV. Had the pleasure of meeting him a few times at Food shows & in the Network Studio. He is and pardon the pun "The Real Deal". From his restaurants to his love for sharing food with people ya gotta luv this honest down to earth Guy. His recipes on Big Bite take a few minutes to prepare but well worth it, and very tasty.
Keep Rockin it!...Keep on Cuttin!...and always try something new!


I must say I agree with your comments and thoughts about the Food Network - lately I tune in to see whats on and basically tune right back out. I do love "Good Eats" at 8:00pm and am thankful for that. Seems like all the real cooking shows are run now during business hours so I never get a chance to see any of them.

As far as "Last Cake Standing" I agree with your review - it is interesting at least. It would be AMAZING if they would do a "cake show" featuring some of these designers teaching techniques and such for creating super nifty special cakes that one could make in their own kitchen and to serve 8-12 people and not 600!

Thanks for letting me put my 2 cents in....



and Nigella... they need to give Nigella more airings as befits a goddess


Give me the good ol' days--
TWO HOT TAMALES-- my favorite

I do like ALTON BROWN, though (kinda like Bill Nye the Science Guy mixed with The FRUGAL GOURMET)
But nobody could replace the venerable (may she rest in peace) breathless Julia Child.


Oh thank g-d! I thought *I* was the only one to think Mr. Neely was on the DL.

As for Ina - love her, but you're right. Got it: chocolate w/coffee in it. Any kind of Gratain (sp). Scones, chicken and anything w/lemon zest.

Alton brown has gone from cooking w/science to schlock-fest. Hate him anymore.

And who'd eat one cake that Ace of Cakes make? I don't eat PVC....pipe maybe.....


LOL. Awesome. Food Network should totally hire you. You just need to pitch some new show ideas! Haven't seen any of these new shows.


You couldn't be righter about Chopped. I so want to like it, but Ted Allen's personality is somewhere between a robot and a drill sargeant. He's always hollering, or perhaps barking. The judges come off as cold and, again, robotic. And the food combinations they throw at the contestants are bizarre for the sake of being bizarre, and unappetizing. Such a waste.


Watching the Food Network lately I have to agree with you on most of your observations. I luv Alton Brown and I watch Barefoot Contessa without fail and DVR her show all the time. Jamie Oliver's show is off again and I really enjoyed his last series. I find myslef connecting with Nigella. The network continues to call itself a lifestyle channel, go back to being a cooking channel.

I still find myself watching my even more favorites on PBS like Gourmet's Diary of a Foodie, Rick Bayless, Lidia Bastianich, Jose Andreas and MIng Tsai.

I have had a distaste for Ted Allen for years. I keep hoping that he's gain a personality, but he never does.

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Fat Queer

I grew up on old school food network. We are talking formative teenage years.

Besides Alton B. and a couple others, the network isn't offering much these days. I long for re-runs of Two Hot Tamales and Ready Set Cook, hell, I'd even take Hot Off The Gill with Bobby Flay (and Jackie Malouf) before he got all pompous and acting like he owns the place.

Gilbert Galvan

right on the money!

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