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May 17, 2009



I love Jambalaya and I love his mom.


I'm starved for some suol food in L.A. thanks for your help.


This is really easy to make if you use leftovers. Leftover chicken from a rotisserie chicken you bought, leftover ham from Easter, etc. I will use a kielbasa instead of the breakfast links, but my recipe is pretty similiar. Authentic NO is to cook the rice separate and then use an icecream scoop to dump a pile of rice in the center of your soup bowl before serving - but there is no wrong way to make jambalaya. I made it once using tomatoes canned with jalapenos - mmmm.


Admittedly, kielbasa is more authentic than spicy breakfast sausage links, but the breakfast sausage links were 99 cents and gave surprisingly great flavor. Also, I didn't miss biting through the sausage casing. I love sausage but more for the flavor than the texture of the casing.


LOVE your blog. I came across when I was browsing my favourite cupcake blog -
I really like some of your ideas. Will try some day. You cook alot with wine. I have to try that out. I've made Jambalaya before except mine with shrimp and chicken stock instead of water. Yum!

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