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May 09, 2009



aw man is that a meatball sub?... 'cause now I'm craving a meatball sub!


Eat because you enjoy it. No other excuses! :)

Living a healthy lifestyle IS expensive. I'm trying to eat better and lose weight and it has been hard. I'm a Type II Diabetic and managing it but losing the weight is hard. The costs of food as well all the meds is frickin expensive!

As someone who enjoys cooking, its hard to deal with that part as well. I cook cuz I enjoy food and I enjoy feeding and entertaining people.

I think you look great and you have a happy hubby! I'll continue on my quest to lose weight to look as great as you.


Ok so I totally support you going off your diet and I think you look amazing and cool WONDERFUL food and the whole "diet" thing kinda sucks from a cooking perspective. BUT I did just make these amazing Nanaimo bars (they are some kind of Canadian classic) from a Weight Watchers magazine and MAN are they tasty!! So if you want the reciepe, just let me know. And they are not super healthy, just not too too fatty-fatty-fat-fat. I hate with a fire of a thousand suns super healthy deserts. YUCK! I would rather eat a salad for dinner and get a whole brownie for desert than eat some splenda-rific crappy desert and a real dinner. But thats me.

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