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May 11, 2009



This sounds yummy! I will have to try it. I like Rachael Ray and here's why, she tells you what to do while you are waiting for things to cook. You are a more efficient cook when you make a Rachael Ray reciepe. Atleast I am. And who doesn't like a reciepe that starts with "put some chicken in half a bottle of white wine while you make some bacon"?? Only a crazy bacon and wine hater and those people are not to be trusted anyways.

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From the image this looks like a really delicious dish. Thanks for the recipe and the details of preparation. I would surely try this out.


Holy fuck! This is amazing!

Kai in NYC

For godssake! Cream! Brie! Potatoes! Ya'll ain't no skinny bitches!

Ray Ray

Yum! This looks delicious and thank God I ain't one of those skinny WeHo bitches...I get to eat! :)

Stormlake Sweetheart

This looks sooo delicious! I can't wait to make it! I love wine so this should be fantastic for a night when I want to impress!

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