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August 28, 2009



Hey, I got plenty of hugs as a child. :)


I'm glad I like pancakes and bacon. Nver thought about it, but French toast is a little souless.


French toast in a restaurant and pancakes at home. Fresh blue berries or slices of banana are a bonus to the side of warm crispy maple bacon....excuse me while I have a moment.


Nice. It seems to have worked for you guys. Bacon really brings people together.


I dated a vegan once. Total nightmare!


Okay, french toast using plain ol' Wonder Bread is just crap!

It has to be made using thickly sliced cinnamon raisin bread and topped with freshly-cut strawberries with warm maple syrup. It's the work put into making it that makes it so good.


I don't think I'm souless.

Pancakes just give me Icky Pancake Feeling (clinically known as IPF).

It just sits in your guts like an anchor all day long. I can't have that.


I'm not apologizing for my love of French Toast. And I'd sell my soul for a plate of crispy slightly burned bacon. And there is NO shame in my obsession with Fruity Pebbles.

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