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I'm a 30-something dad trying to bridge the gap between Ina Garten and Roseanne. I live in Florida with my husband, daughter, and Kitchenaid mixer.

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November 30, 2009



Good words of advice! I hope you guys are doing well.
Imagine it with two.

Just sayin.
: )


the idea of "chivalry" only really works for pretty girls that straight guys are into. The pretty girl card is not redeemable for gay men.


You just can't flash that face (hers and/or yours) and get what you want when you want it?

What has this world come to?


I hear ya. The beat-down parent with the screaming child trumps well-rested adults without needy crying machines. You can never really understand until it happens to you.


A to the men! We recently adopted our daughter and have dealt with all of these issues. You don't realize how tough parenthood is until you are in it full force! It is so rewarding though :) Your daughter is precious.

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