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I'm a 30-something dad trying to bridge the gap between Ina Garten and Roseanne. I live in Florida with my husband, daughter, and Kitchenaid mixer.

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December 11, 2009



hi adam! recipes are on the way on the stuff i do. just the other day, i saw blue and white cookies for the first time and was at first put off. blue food coloring always scares me into thinking the item may taste like some cotton candy/ blue razzberry hot mess. but these look great!


I usually agree with you on blue food, but I wanted to bring color to a table of roasted brisket and fried foods. Jewish kids need some color in their holiday. I do think next time I'd make some with chocolate too, but I stand by the blue food coloring in this case.

Tina aka Beanie

Your baby daughter is getting so, so big! Such a cutie! I haven't had these cookies in ages!

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