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July 17, 2010



You guys are such a cute family. It's so great to see there are gay dads out there!


SO Adorable!!!! I am also a huge fan of Yo Gabba Gabba. And I saw Kelly and Steve in the vid!! Glad to know they are still alive ;) Whats the significance of the item that Lily picked out from the lineup?


Thanks guys!
Meg- I'm told it's a Korean tradition on the first birthday to lay out those objects to see what she touches first... If she touches the rice, she will never go hungry. If she touches the ruler, she will live a long life. If she touches the money, she will be wealthy. If she touches the book, she will be a scholar. She touched the book and the whole room gasped and cheered... Then she cried.


Very cute - Happy Birthday Lily!!Wish you many more to come

hrh king friday xiii

She's so cute!

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